RevExpress is the fast and easy to use online payment solution. It automates your payments and improves your payment processing efficiency, all in one tidy, personalized package. Reasons to use RevExpress:

RevExpress is fast and easy to use. It will automate your payments and improve your payment processing efficiency, all in one tidy, personalized package. It starts with a notification. Contained within the notification is a link to the customer's personalized website where they can make a payment in as little as 53 seconds.

RevExpress should not to be confused with traditional payment portals that take customers to a web page that they have to navigate and register to use in order to make a payment. RevExpress is fast and easy to use and takes customers directly to their own personalized website that is pre-populated with their account and payment information.  Here they can make a Credit Card, Debit Card or Check payment and update their personal information. The payment is processed, a confirmation is emailed and the money is deposited directly into your or your client's account. It’s that simple. It’s that easy. But there’s more…

The RevExpress notification can carry your logo/brand image or the logo/brand image of your client.  The RevExpress personalized website, from the welcome page through all pages contained within will dynamically display this brand. That is something traditional websites don’t deliver. Because it is there with RevExpress, the customers have confidence and comfort in following through with their payment process. The payment processing is automatically done as part of the RevExpress process. Within seconds of a payment being submitted, you and the customer will receive an email confirming the transaction. The money will be deposited directly into your account.  If for some reason the customer did not make a payment, you will receive an email as soon as they log off so that you will be able to call them right away to follow-up.

RevExpress is a natural for your receivables. It will work with any size balance, any type of credit or debit card and checking accounts.

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