RevExpress is a fast and easy to use online payment solution. It automates your payments and improves your payment processing efficiency, all in one tidy, personalized package.

Why RevExpress is Better…

  • Intrigue factor – Over 358% more payments are made with RevExpress.
  • Fast and Easy – 7 out of 10 end users make a payment – usually in < 53 seconds.
  • Automated – Increase payments without adding staff or overhead.
  • Customizable – Dynamically displays your logo/brand image or that of your client.
  • Advertising – Increase goodwill with customers while accelerating payments.

How Does it Work?

It all starts with notification via your letters or other forms of communication.

Within your letters, we provide a hosted link that creates a personalized website for the consumer. From this portal, the customer can handle all aspects of their payment without ANY help from your staff.

RevExpress should not to be confused with traditional payment portals. We don’t take customers to a web page that they have to separately register to use in order to make a payment.


The RevExpress personalized website is pre-populated with the consumer’s account and payment information. Here they can make payment by credit card, debit card or check as well as update their personal information. It will work with any size balance, any type of credit or debit card and checking accounts.

Once the payment is processed, a confirmation is emailed, and the money is deposited directly into the account of your choosing (you or your client’s). Within seconds of a payment being submitted, you and the customer will receive an email confirming the transaction.

If for some reason the customer did not make a payment, you will receive an email as soon as they log off so that you will be able to call them right away to follow-up.


It’s that simple and easy.

But there’s more…

RevExpress can be 100% transparent to your customers. The notification can carry your logo/image or that of your client. Everything on the personalized website will dynamically display this brand. This enhances the customers confidence and comfort in following through with their payment process.

Here are a few samples that highlight our custom branding options: